Lotion Admire

Lotion Admire

Lotion Admire® Premium Room Sprays quickly add fragrance to the air and create a more tranquil atmosphere for your home with a gentle, yet powerful scented mist that’s available in several premium fragrances

Lotion Admire offers an exquisite range of fresh & floral room fragrances, specially formulated to captivate its surroundings with fresh fragrances.

Lotion Admire is a traditional English brand with a rich 40-year history in the Middle Eastern markets. The air freshener is widely recognised thanks to its distinctive coach and horses logo, which was made popular by the iconic "Paris" scent.

Over the course of time, Lotion Admire has evolved the range with more modern product designs and contemporary fragrances, whilst retaining the brand's heritage. The product range has been updated, keeping the iconic Paris scent as one of six in a brand-new range. Lotion Admire is currently available in six unique fragrances and their lab team are busy developing fresh aromas to add to the range in future. Lotion Admire plan to introduce the brand to new markets over the next couple of years.

Lotion Admires new ranges of fragrances are "on trend" and formulated to combat unwanted odours around the house.

Lotion Admire is manufactured by Bays International in its state-of-the-art production facilities in the UK.


Paris – Spring Banquet

The iconic scent that catapulted Lotion Admire around the world. Any day is a great day to get wrapped up in a modern romance of your own. An intriguing mix of enchanting floral notes is love at first sniff. A truly Parisian delight.

English Rose – Scented Garden

Enhance your home with the playful fragrance of a flower garden, especially the famous English Rose, evoking the hope and joy brought by a rejuvenating nature.

Vanilla & Coconut – Summer Rain

A colourful fusion of natural vanilla & fresh coconut finished with a flourish that invokes the smell of fresh summer rain. Proven to be long lasting and effective at eliminating even the strongest odours

Jasmine – Fresh Cotton

Bring to life the crisp, cool elegance of fine linen, accented with the fragrant touch of wild Jasmine. Proven to be long lasting and effective at eliminating even strong odours

Floral – Fresh Floral

Enhance your home with the sweet floral aroma of fresh flowers, evoking the purity and delicacy of an orchid, the flower from which this flavour derives

New York – Garden Breath

If a peaceful stroll through your own private garden seems like a dream, then this light, gentle fragrance is a dream come true. Prepare for an uplifting experience. A rich bouquet perfumes the air with vibrant floral scents and positive vibes.

Bakhoor – The Scent of Arabia


Lotion Admire® fresheners are specially designed with bold fragrances to help liven up the every day. Each spray is formulated with a gentle, yet powerful mist that leaves a refreshing scent so your home smells fresh and clean.


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